Our tender for advice and operational support

We provide professional support to companies from EU and non EU, who want to start or develop business in Romania.

We propose action plans customized according to the interests and needs of each client.

A. Startup the business or the company

We provide assistance for companies and investors seeking to develop a bussines in Romania. Our lawyers will be in front of the state authorities and will prepare a package of documents for registration of representative office, branch or your desired economic entity.

The range of services includes the following:

  • Help in choosing the location, renting or buying a space in your company name
  • Preparation of legal documents (contracts, agreements, various other instruments) and related documentation
  • Accounting
  • Tax optimization
  • Assistance in obtaining permits, licenses and approvals from government authorities
  • Representation in court and before state bodies
  • Protect your interests in legal disputes
  • Other legal services on request

B. Financial Management and Investment

We provide consulting services in economics and finance.

The range of services includes the following:

  • Marketing studies
  • Know your customer: complete information about client companies
  • Support the feasibility analysis companies
  • Research partners, checking soundness partners
  • Finding and recommendation agents, distributors and partners for joint
  • Relationships with financial institutions and support in obtaining funding
  • Developing business plans and commercial offers
  • Participation in tenders and competitions
  • Information about competitors
  • Ensure finding new markets for your company

C. Human resources

We provide advice and support effective implementation of HR policies comply with legislation related in Romania and UE.

The range of services includes the following:

  • Identification, recruitment / selection
  • Outsourcing
  • Training
  • Re-location formalities (visas, accommodation, etc.)

E. Information about business and lobbying

We provide the collection of information from the government, municipalities and local administrations, laws, trends in business, business information and recommendations to the decision makers of some companies that may have an influence on your projects.

Organizing meetings with representatives of public institutions and businessmen

We organize delegations to the highest level. All travel related formalities will be carried out by specialists and collaborators, who will make the business meetings to be achieved in the best conditions and to bring maximum efficiency.

The range of services includes the following:

  • Booking hotels and apartments
  • Reservation airline tickets
  • Welcome at the airport and transport to car insurance bussines class
  • Overseeing the delegation, interpreter, guide
  • Providing bussines class cars with driver
  • Organizing meetings and activities with representatives of public institutions and businessmen
  • Collection and analysis of information about potential customers
  • Translating and preparing materials and documents
  • Providing working areas
  •  Legal services, financial and accounting
  • Leisure and entertainment services

F. Organizing business workshops, exhibitions and events

We organize your company’s participation in national and international fairs and exhibitions held in Romania. We have accurate information on the timing of events that take place in the exhibition centers and their descriptions.

The range of services includes the following:

  • Rental and training stand and pavilion
  • Preparation of printing materials (leaflets, brochures, catalogs, posters, etc.)
  • Provision and selection for exhibitions
  •  Organizing the advertising campaign
  • Selection of participants and invitations
  • Other activities, provided at the highest standard

G. Market Research, Product information and the Competition

We do market researches for our clients to support them in the opening markets, increasing sales or strategic repositioning.

The range of services includes the following:

  • Support for launching a new product
  • Reports on competition analysis
  • Review and evaluate existing potential market
  • Reports on market saturation

H. Mergers and acquisitions of companies

Assistance in evaluating the company historical analysis, company structure, financial profile, bank relationship, the situation of operations, number of employees, range of products, facilities, subsidiaries profile, the current challenges and opportunities arising in the market etc.
Assistance in negotiation of sale or other collaborations, signing and drafting of commercial contracts, analysis and preparation of documents for participation in public tenders.
Checking the correctness partner companies business managers or future partners.

I. The Protection of information and of property

We provide support in the registration of patents and trademarks, intellectual property protection, In case of investigation trademarks and of the copyrights.

Eng. Sorin MIRICA

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